In the company YGEIAMED, taking into account that each sole has its own anatomical peculiarity and therefore needs special orthotic support, we make special orthotic soles which are placed on the shoes and achieve a uniform distribution of pressures across the surface of the sole, unloading the soles foot, resulting in improved posture, better balance control and relief from unwanted pain.

The orthotics support the joints of the foot by evenly distributing the pressures exerted on its entire surface so that the foot functions normally, without exerting pressure or friction at any point, during walking or sports activity.

Performing the peltogram and making the orthotic sole, helps us to walk properly without pain in the limbs, but also to protect our joints (knees, hips, spine) from vibrations, thus reducing the mechanical load on the legs, in the torso, as well as muscle fatigue, thus facilitating our daily activities.