Oxygen therapy

Trust our medical equipment for your oxygen therapy and feel safe and secure. Everything about oxygen therapy at YGEIAMED.

Oxygen therapy means the process of supplying oxygen to individuals, in whom for various reasons the level of oxygen in their blood has decreased. Low oxygen in the blood can lead to symptoms such as lack of energy, difficulty breathing, coughing and difficulty concentrating.

In our store you can find devices for measuring and supplying oxygen depending on the case. Specifically:

Nebulizers (children and adults, simple and high flow), inhalation practitioners (children and adults), multi-resistance breathing practitioners. Among them are breathing training masks, ideal for the development of lung capacity and endurance, which is essential in road sports, martial arts and crossfit.

Suction devices (simple and hospital) as well as filters and tubes for their daily use.

Oxygen concentrators with self-diagnostic circuit, mucus clearing devices, C-pap, Bi-pap devices and a wide variety of masks.

Oximeters with multiple characteristics.

All devices are of high quality and come from certified, reputable manufacturers.

The condensers are administered by EOPYY without participation

24 hours service.